Food Allergy and intolerance: Guidance for businesses

If village halls are registered as food businesses they should be aware of new legislation that comes into force in December 2014.

First World War: then and now

This Heritage Lottery Fund programme provides grants of £3,000 to £10,000 for communities to mark the Centenary of the First World War. They are looking to fund projects that would make a real difference to a wide range of people by helping them understand the war and its impact better. In particular, they are looking to support projects involving young people in marking the Centenary.

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DCMS Select Committee has issued a Call for Evidence on Society Lotteries.

Society-LotteriesWhilst this is aimed at National Lottery and Health Lottery any recommendations coming from the Committee could possbily impact on the small society and private lotteries run by village hall committees and other community groups.

How to respond

Written submissions should be sent online via the Society Lotteries inquiry page of the DCMS website. This web portal will be open for submissions from Friday 25 July. Submissions should be received by Monday 6 October 2014.


British Credit Unions at 50

To mark the 50th anniversary of credit unions in Great Britain, the Treasury has launched a call for evidence on what the credit union sector should look like in the future. This consultation closes on 1 September 2014.

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What is a Community Rail Partnership?

Abbey Line LogoCommunity Rail Partnerships provide a link between the railway and local communities. They are about positive development, bringing together a wide range of interests along the route.

Community rail typically involves local people and organisations working in partnership to improve their local railways. Community Rail initiatives such as station enhancements and innovative promotional schemes can help get better value for money from the rail network.

This might include improving bus links to stations, developing walking and cycling routes, bringing station buildings back to life, art and educational projects, organising special events which promote the railway and its relevance to the community.

The Abbey Line Community Rail Partnership of which CDA Herts was one of the partners was set up in 2005 as one of the first designated Community Rail Partnerships.   Abbey Line Annual Report 2013 2014 F2

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Five Ways to Well-being

five ways to well beingThe Five Ways to Well-being are a set of evidence-based actions which promote people’s wellbeing. They are: Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give. These activities are simple things individuals can do in their everyday lives.

The Five Ways to Well-being were developed by nef from evidence gathered in the UK government’s Foresight Project on Mental Capital and Wellbeing. The Project, published in 2008, drew on state-of-the-art research about mental capital and mental wellbeing through life. It asked nef to develop the Five Ways to Wellbeing to communicate its key findings.

The Five Ways have been used by health organisations, schools and community projects across the UK and around the world to help people take action to improve their wellbeing. They’ve been used in lots of different ways, for example to get people to start thinking about well-being, to develop organisational strategy, to measure impact, to assess need, for staff development, and to help people to incorporate more well-being-promoting activities into their lives. to find out more